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June 28, 2010

Oil Drift Bouys

Three buoys have been deployed near the Cape, to help monitor the water currents in the Big Bend area.  A fourth buoy was deployed to monitor waters north of the Eddy Franklin.  As you can see from the results so far, the currents are not driving the oil spill towards the cape.  The full map is here.

Posted by Vince Bishop - 06/28/10, 08:57 AM

June 25, 2010


 June 25, 2010

I'm glad to see some shrimpers out.  At least I hope they are shrimping.  So many of our fishermen are now working for BP monitoring for oil, that nobody is catching fish anymore, even though the oil spill has not affected the fishing here.

Posted by Vince Bishop - 06/25/10, 08:08 AM

June 20, 2010

Beach Reports

Dr. Stephen Leatherman has a site that pulls in beach reports from the area here.  So far, the closest oil is in the form of small globules spotted on Panama City Beach, but that beach is still open.

Posted by Vince Bishop - 06/20/10, 06:35 PM

June 17, 2010

Scallop Season Opens Early

Governor Crist has opened scallop season early this year.  It starts July 19, this weekend.  Also, this is a free fishing weekend, no saltwater license is needed to fish.

Posted by Vince Bishop - 06/17/10, 10:12 AM

June 12, 2010

Beautiful Day at the Beach

Three days in a row of smooth clear waters.

Posted by Vince Bishop - 06/12/10, 02:52 PM

June 08, 2010

Turtle Nest

A turtle came up and laid her eggs on our beach last night.  The nest was marked as the 12th one, but the first I have seen this year.  I guess I need to take longer beach walks.

I'm glad, that despite the oil spill, she made it.

Posted by Vince Bishop - 06/08/10, 08:48 AM

June 07, 2010

Oil Report 6/7/10

Went out on the bay yesterday to fish.  Did not see any oil.  However, we saw a couple of miles of boom.  Not sure if that was staged to pull across the mouth of the bay, or to protect the east side of the state park, should the oil come.  The Coast Guard Admiral mentioned Port St. Joe today on CNN, but I have heard of no reports of oil in our area yet.  The family is out on the beach right now, enjoying the surf.

Posted by Vince Bishop - 06/07/10, 11:09 AM

June 05, 2010

Beach Report 6/5/10

The sun is shining, 90 degrees, winds out of the south-southwest at 10 mph.  No oil.





Posted by Vince Bishop - 06/05/10, 04:40 PM